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projection on wall


In big cities, we are often anonymous, strangers to each other. We imagine fragments of other people’s lives – or, in some cases, we don’t even notice them at all. We can all relate to that feeling of seeing someone on the street or on public transport, a stranger we can’t help wondering about. We ask ourselves “What’s their story? Where are they going? How do their days look?”

At the same time there is seemingly an increasing amount of people who feel lonely and a sense of community is declining. Psychologists argue, and I would agree, we need more connection to each other. The way we are living today and a highly individualistic society is having a negative impact on our health. I see this project as a way to reconnect to each other.


The word Kiez is an unofficial well-known Berlin word for a smaller neighbourhood, defined by the inhabitants rather than the municipality or government. Usually there is a positive connection to the word and to one’s Kiez and there seems to be a community feel to it. As a foreigner looking around, I see many creative and compassionate initiatives connected to different Kiez, such as communal garden spaces, Gabenzauns, notice boards, online forums etc. I am curious if and how it differs from kiez to kiez and I will therefore do projections in different areas.

The word Licht means light in German 😉


By projecting moving images onto facades, pavements or other city architecture, stories are added to surfaces, adding layers of connection and commonality. Moving images in public places interact with the many layers of meaning embedded where the projection takes place.

As the urban space is seeing an increasing amount of privatised areas as well as commercialised urban space, it can be difficult for other types of narrative to get noticed. To me it is important for stories and images regarding different types of lives, people and destinies to be heard, stories that have no intention of selling anything.

gabenzaun winterdeldtplatz

Gabenzaun by Winterfeldtplatz

Be in the light!

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