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About Kiez Licht

In big cities, we are often anonymous, strangers to each other. We imagine fragments of other people’s lives – or, in some cases, we don’t even notice them at all. I think many can relate to that feeling of seeing someone on the street or on public transport, a stranger we can’t help wondering about. We ask ourselves “What’s their story? Where are they going?”

Kiez Licht is a Berlin based project where I will use projections in urban spaces to show thoughts from people in different Kiez (neighbourhoods).

I will ask people connected to a Kiez questions, collect their answers, and make a curated projection on the streets, offering them insights about each other. Initially the questions are about community and the neighbourhood.

Kiez Licht is an exploratory project aiming to tie people together through locality as well as human emotion and experience. The project encourages people to consider their connection and feelings to where they live/work and the people they share these spaces with.

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About me

I’m Joanna, a visiting artist from Stockholm here on a residency supported by Stiftung Berliner Leben. I work across different mediums, such as film and collage.

My work is playful and reflective often stemming from philosophical questions and aiming to trigger curiosity and another way of looking at something, a more open minded way.

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